Fees & Forms

Riding Lessons:

Lessons are non-transferable and must be taken on the horse in training, by the 1 rider. Additional lessons available for an additional fee.

  • Private Riding Lessons: $74 (check or ccard)


  • Package A+ – Oversized stall, training, grain: $1535
  • Package A – Board, training, grain: $1520
  • Package B – Mare motel board, full training, grain: $1410
  • Package C – Outside board, part training, grain: $1160

We do not offer board without training.
Barn is closed on Sundays.

Each horse coming into training must have:

  1. Credit Card release on file for Vet, Farrier, Training, etc as security
  2. Hold Harmless, Training, and board agreement
  3. Copy of CURRENT membership cards
  4. Mortality Insurance
  5. Halter, lead rope, blanket, hood, slinky, full body slinky, tail bags, blanket bag, and show bridle (if applicable). If these are not provided, they will be ordered and billed to your account.

Lease a Horse:

  • Rates vary depending on horse.
    (includes: inside board, full training, and full use of horse. Leasee shall assume full responsibility for vet and farrier fees. Minimum 3 months to secure lease at this price. Leasee needs to supply their own tack, brushes, etc.)
  • Half Lease (limited availability): $837.50/mo.
    (includes: 3 days per week of use on horse based on availability, 2 lessons, and 1 training day for the horse to be prepared for the rider. Basic shoeing and vet care IS INCLUDED in this price. Specific changes made to the horses shoeing or additional vet care (ie medication or performance enhancing treatments would be at the cost of the leasee) Minimum of 3 months.)
  • Horse Show Lease: $937.50
    (for people that only wish to use a horse for a single show. Does not include training, show fees, etc. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE the recommended 3 month minimum to ensure maximum success, and a discounted rate.)
  • Regional/National Show Lease: $1500

Additional Fees:

  • Turn Out: $150
  • Maintenance: $250
  • Grain (for horses not in training): $50

Show Fees:

Local shows $100 per day at shows. NRHA clients share tack splits. Arabian clients purchase addition tack stalls per owner. Patronage / sponsorships are billed out on a shared PER HORSE basis.
Entries to be paid by separate check or credit card.
Major Events:
  • Scottsdale All Arabian
    • Youth Weekend $1500
    • Entire show $2000
  • Instate Regionals $1500
  • Out of state regionals $2000
  • Youth Nationals $3000
  • U.S. Nationals $3500
Braiding and hauling billed additional 
Lease fees:
  • $500 breed show usage of BPH horse
  • $1500 for Scottsdale, Regionals, and Nationals  plus board/ training
Additional fees may apply. Outside stall Matt rental, chiropractor, Magnawave, Bemer, etc should be expected.
Horses must have matching blankets, halters, etc. in matching equipment will be replaced with matching apparel, owner will be charged with rental per show.
All horses MUST have:
  • Burgundy/ tan barn halter with Name and lead
  • Burgundy Blanket, sheet, light slinky, winter weight slinky, liner, full body slinky for shows (prefer copper)
  • Leather halter for shows
  • Owners/ leases please have a bridle bag, saddle case, etc. with your name and all equipment labeled. Please stick with barn colors.

Downloadable Forms

Billing occurs on the 25th of the preceding month and payment is due on the 1st, considered late by the 10th.
Our policy is to not take any horses to a horse show without having an account paid in full.